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gforce - cam750ax - $1549.99
2010+ camaro billet 4340 axles (750hp)

Our 750hp axles are made for the guys that are not needing 1000hp axles or want the added price. 

Our 750hp axles use axle bars made from certified aircraft grade billet 4340. Inner axle stubs are our patent pending bolt-together stubs, they are also made from certified aircraft grade 4340 billet. Outer stubs are made from certified aircraft grade 4340 billet. You'll notice we use a billet outer stub and our heavy duty cv joint instead of a stock replacement type outer stub/cv like the competition.

GM developed the anti wheel-hop technology years ago and we have refined it to eliminate wheel with our axles. This has been very successful for us in the GTO, CTS-V, G8 and Camaro markets. Our proven anti wheel-hop technology in our axles ensures you get rid of your wheel hop when bolting on a set of Gforce axles. The left hand axle is a regular diameter while the right hand axle is an increased diameter axle. The design and material we use is what stops the wheel hop. Our 750hp axles get our custom built cv joints that use 4340 heavy duty cv cages and 4340 center races, we then heat treat them to our special aerospace heat treat process that you wont find any where else in the industry. You can see how superior our cv cages are compared to the stock cv cage

We only use aircraft grade certified material that we get from a 100 year old US steel mill for all our products. We know exactly what we get every time and you should know as well.

We machine our axles and most all our products in house, this gives us the ability to test fit and inspect every part that comes off our machines.
It also allows us to incorporate on the fly design changes as parts are being machined, this ensures you as the customer are getting the most advanced products you can get.

We design our axles not to break!
That is why you don’t see anybody breaking our axles.
The strongest axle design is one that provides a constant twist for the entire length of the axle.
We design and manufacture our axles with the best ideal diameter between the splines to give the axle a constant twisting rate the entire length of the axle. If you make the axle larger or the same size as the splined end then it concentrates all the twisting loads directly into the splined area and doesn’t allow it to properly twist.
It would be much easier for us to make the axle the same diameter throughout and would require less machine work but we go the extra mile to ensure you get the strongest axle on the market.

By using our innovative and patent pending bolt-together inner axle stub design, our axle packages are totally modular. All the parts between our 4340 axles and our 300m axles are interchangeable, every single piece! If you decide you ever want to up-grade to our 300m inner stubs or our 35 spline stubs down the road, you only have to buy just the stub piece instead of an entire stub assembly. Same thing goes if you happen to damage an inner stub, it can be replaced for about $150. instead of buying an entire stub again.
How strong is our bolt together stub design you say? Very strong, we've never ever had a customer break one yet and we have our axles and stubs in 1000+hp cars all over the world.

Our axles come coated in an aerospace e-coat black backed on finish to protect your parts from the harsh elements. You wont find this special corrosion coating anywhere but on Gforce products.

Gforce axles have the best track record against breakage hands down and come backed with the best in the industry 2 year warranty.

We do all design work in house and use state of the art 3-D CAD systems to ensure you get the best part and best possible fit every time.
We also do all our own machine work in house as well on state of the art CNC machines